tyler hoechlin at eyecon 6/14

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shameless dylan’s hands at alphacon appreciation post

*whispers* i thought we were staring at his bulging bicep…

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Dylan O’Brien makes an appearance on the set of Univision’s Despierta America to promote The Maze Runner (August 28th)

FIRST, I wanna say, look however you want, I’m not in charge, it’s not really your job to look like a beautiful painting all the time (I mean…it sort of is, but you do you, if people were screaming at me about how beautiful I was in public all day long I would be living under a rock, so I find it really commendable that all that’s happened is, you know, this.)

SECOND: you know how people build up a resistance to illnesses through exposure (e.g. veteran elementary school teachers who never get sick anymore) MY POINT IS: if you’re not exposed to a pathogen, that resistance can fade and then you get OH MY GOD SO MUCH SICKER when you get re-exposed, everyone, when D’oB finally shaves and gets some sort of objectively okayish haircut, we’re going to be RE-EXPOSED WITH REDUCED RESISTANCE and it’s going to be desperate times. Stay safe out there. 

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Liz Climo on Tumblr.

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I don’t know what to do with myself.

I skipped my run. Laid on the couch reading. Ate dessert first. Had an alcoholic drink. And am now too restless to read fan fic.

What is my life?!

Is it hard to play a scene when you don’t know whether your character is being nefarious or truthful? Very good question! It is hard. My favourite one was the scene when Derek says to Ms. Blake, “Everyone around me gets hurt.” (x)

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For your future..


For your future..

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